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Keyword Buying:

Web portals like excite and ask lycos used to use a system in which you could purchase a keyword for a period of time for example the keywords "search engine optimisation" once purchased you would be listed no1 for this term. Most of the sites now use PPC see pay per click management page. With lycos you can purchase a banner for a search term which stays active / visible even when the user clicks on other site links. The banner only gets removed once the user click the remove banner item.. 0103 aim to maximize your return on investment by incorporating SEO and keyword when it is relevant to your site design and target audience. Click here for more information about our web site design builds.

0103media has included this strategies for short and long term online marking campaigns. Buying keywords in this way can be both beneficial for companies that have new websites or with may need refreshing the existing marketing and SEO strategies.

0103media can design, build and operate all your site marketing and promotion campaigns…

Strength in numbers: This works in all area of business but with seo its of great value... By promoting just one company we gather a great number of contacts within that industry. By promoting just 2 sites we are able to use our entail network of advertising slots and marketing avenues to help promote more and so its goes on. We now have a large network of areas to advertise promote in a large number of ways to make your site to reach its target audience... A good example is when buying advertising we are able to receive it at a discounts due to the number of adds we purchase. Many company enjoy this benefit but do not these benefits onto the clients. 0103media will try to promote your site to success with highest ROI because your success is our success.

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