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PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click
Pay per click works by posting an advert on a website/directory/search engine etc... this ad only costs when a potential customers clicks on your ad and reaches your site..

This is a very good way of advertising as you can set a monthly budget and know how many visitors will reach your site through this advertising. At 0103media we manage PPC campaigns for our clients on a daily basis.

We recommend all clients to take up PPC even with budgets of £30 per month…

Why do we recommend PPC ?
PPC gives you instant access to your chosen keywords… SEO is a lengthy process taking on normal a minimum of 3 months to start seeing true competitive results. Established websites (over 2 years old) can take less time therefore we suggest instant results with PPC…

May networks like google yahoo espotting AltaVista ask use both natural results and advertisements on PPC.
You basically set the price and we will control your keywords, which means consumers delivered to your site have a higher chance of converting into sale.
Espotting quote “‘This has been an enormous success for Interflora, generating great conversions to order. It is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else we've ever done.’
Interflora “

Many PPC services use a who bids most to determine rank on a page.. Google’s adwords PPC basically monitors your ads telling them how worthy the ad is… these adverts work by calculating the number of impressions (that’s the number of times the advert is shown) vs the clicks… resulting in what called a CTR (click through rate). Google rewards higher CTR with a higher position on the page. The bidding is also a factor with adwords PPC. Highest bid doesn't always mean you are number 1… If you have a low CTR google will remove your advert due to its low value and that it can be replaced by a higher performing advert…

Google Adwords Espotting Yahoo AltaVista plus many others use the bid rank scale… You bid 4p per click and no one bids higher then your be no1… simple as that.…

Different networks help promote completely different website themes. A PPC called Kanoodle is very financed based other are art based… Espotting is UK only etc…

We always ask our clients to supply a list of what keywords the site needs to target… This list then is often added to PPC with small budget of 50p to £3 per day… after a few days Depending on the keywords we at 0103media can analyse the click through reports. Many clients already have PPC running to promote their site this again allows us to target similar keywords in the natural results. From these reports we can establish which terms in the natural results will be most productive.

A typical example of what happens.
One client of ours was paying around £30.00 per day for a PPC keyword, It took 0103media just 4 months to reach no3 in the natural results thus allowing us to readdress PPC keywords and move the budget to new areas thus improving the RIO. This ad returned 600 clicks per day @ £30.00 now its this said site is listed in the natural results we reach up to 750 clicks per day costing around only £10 PPC(only 1/3 of these visits are now PPC).

Has your websites got what it takes:

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