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Boffin - a b2b market place with a difference:

A full dynamic web site designed for large corporate companies to purchase sales leads. Web design in PHP SQL and CGI scripting.

Boffin uses PHP to create a user login and to register new user with MD5 security.
When a "new user" resisted it send them an automated e-mail to complete the
registration. This site contain "CMS" custom management system which allows
Boffin to edit and manipulate the web sites content.........

This websites was build when 0103media was just born. The site was created in cardiff wales. Designer at 0103media have cover many other websites from wales and cardiff. Boffin's website design was very unique for 0103media with the first CMS management website. We discovered how value CMS systems are. We also found out about the fact the a CMS needs almost double the page and a load of work to cater for the search engine like google. This B2B website launched Over 2years and was very successful for a time until Management and funding problems became a issue and still unresolved.
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